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Calimare Scrambler Therapy

How It Works

Approaching pain management with a biophysical approach, the Calmare Scrambler utilizes electrodes on the skin. The device sends messages to the brain that are a “no-pain response”, which overrides the pain signals felt before treatment. Virtually pain-free this treatment is a modern alternative to the addictive narcotics of the past.

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Non Invasive

No Side Effects, No Pain, and No Pills

Calmare Scrambler Therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free approach to treat chronic neurological pain. Unlike pain medication, our treatment doesn’t involve side-effects or dependency. 

How Long Does it Last

Each Treatment Is More Effective Than The Last

Scrambler treatments compound upon each other meaning the effects of each treatment are felt for longer than the last. For this reason we recommend a regimen of 10-15 treatments.

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